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This package contains an assortment of useful props and set dressings for your low-poly dungeons or outdoor environments. 

These props are intended to be used with our dungeons and environments (sold separately).  See Mines & Caves, Classic Dungeons & Great Outdoors for more details.

INCLUDES: 10 Bones, 3 Skulls, 3 Skeletal Remains, 1 Empty Bookshelf, 1 Empty Shelf, 4 Stocked Bookshelves, 4 Stocked Shelves, 6 Books, 5 Book Stacks, 5 Book Piles, 2 Mine Carts with 3 types of fill,  2 Narrow and 2 Wide Wheelbarrows, 2 Covered Wagons, 2 Hay Carts, 2 Vegetable Carts and 2 Small Wagons all with separate wheels and colliders, 6 Kegs, 9 Buckets, 6 Sacks, 6 Baskets, 5 Barrels, 16 Crates, 4 Fruit Crates, 3 Vegetable Crates, 4 Boxes, 4 Crystals each with their own rock pedestals, 7 Wood Stumps, 1 Cut Wood Cluster, 8 Wood Stacks, 9 Logs, 2 Stacked Lumber, 1 Woodchip Pile, 1 Branch, 1 Twig, 1 Large Open Gate, Wooden Fences (Plain, Weaved, Picket, Zig-Zag), Rock Walls, Flowers & Patches (Periwinkle, Lily, Lilypads, Waterlily, Lotus, Aster, Bluebell, Daisy, Marigold, Tulips, Daffodil, Dandelion), 2D and 3D Grass, Mine Walls with colliders (4 Full, 6 Half, 8 Tattered), 10 Mushrooms (4 types), 4 Bushes, 2 Shrubs, 4 Cat 'O Ninetails, 3 Ferns,  6 Debris, 24 Pebbles, 60 Rocks,  6 Rock Walls, 21 Land Formations, 12 Exposed Roots, 5 Ropes & 5 Cords, 1 Quest Board with 3 documents, 3 Small Signs, 3 Medium signs, 4 Arrow Signs, 3 Hanging Signs (with 2 Posts), 6 Solitary Stalagmites, 3 Stalagmite Groups (with colliders), Table Dressings (1 Document, 1 Map, 2 Quill & Ink, 1 Scroll, 4 Cards, 2 Dice, 8 Silver/Gold Coin Stacks/Piles), Traps (4 Pendulums, 1 Gate with post, 3 Spinning Blades with slit bases, 2 Control Panels with separate switches and gears, 2 Statues, Saw with base, 1 Bolt and 1 Fireball payload), Trees (2 Dead, 1 Fallen, 2 Birch, 2 Oak, 4 Pine, 1 Willow), 15 Modular Wooden Posts (include Cap, I, L, T, X in dark, light and reddish colors) each with colliders, 12 Wood Stacks, 6 Wooden Post Parts (overhang and post in 3 colors), Wooden Furniture (3 Nightstands, 3 Long Tables, 3 Picnic Tables, 3 Round Tables, 3 Square Tables, 3 Padded Benches, 3 Rustic Benches, 3 Padded Chairs, 3 Rustic Chairs, 3 Padded Stools, 3 Rustic Stools, 3 Full Beds, 3 Twin Beds, 3 Wardrobes with left and right doors, 3 Wine Racks with separate bottle and glass)

DEMO:  Want to see what these 3D models look like in an actual game? I created a demo game titled "Go Deep Or Go Home" which features all of our models. The game is free-to-play and available right here on itch.io.

MISSION: All of the 3D model packs that we sell are designed to compliment each other. We focus on low-poly, flat-shaded 3D models that all have matching aesthetics. So please take a look at our other products and rest assured that if you bought it from Almighty Assets, then it was made to fit into the same game universe.

LICENSE: This asset pack can be used in both free and commercial projects. You can modify it to suit your own needs. Credit is not necessary, but appreciated.  You may not redistribute it or resell it.


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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